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Freedom Challenge

We would like you to join us, Freedom Challenge, in our Praying for Passion emphasis.

For successful re-entry & opportunity living the participants of FC must experience passion. Change begins down in the heart and perhaps could be best described by the words of the O/T prophet who said there was a fire shut up in his bones. This year, FC needs to experience passionate soul gripping change. In order for this to happen, the participants must be exposed to passionate individuals. That means that I and the leadership of this ministry must be models of passion. In addition, we must expose this ministry to other passionate people. Individuals so passionate that they were willing to change their direction in life, leave comforts, forsake relationships & embrace change. Therefore, we will be inviting individuals such as missionaries to speak to the staff & students whenever possible whether in chapels or in short presentations of 15-20 minutes in a class setting.

Also, please pray for a vital part of our Praying For Passion emphasis which is to have 12 Prayer Task Force Tours a year. We would like to have at least a tour a month, with groups of 8-10 individuals coming into the prison. The groups would tour the facility (silently praying) then go to the Freedom Challenge area where they would meet some of the students and staff to get an understanding of the ministry and its needs for which they will be praying for a pre-arranged amount of time (15, 30, 45 minutes or an hour) in one of the available class rooms.